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Name: David Jiang
Tel: +86(512)65183841
Fax: +86 (512)-62531686
Mobile: +86-13771978074
Add: Room 602,FuHuaYuan Building,airport road,SIP,Suzhou 215021, P.R.China
Skype: jy15989185576
Skype: jy15989185576

Our Service
What we can do for you?

1.Inspection Service
As I know,you always do a lot of items with different factories in China.And it will take a lot of time and money to come to check the quality,inspection,or push the delivery time.
I can imagine take 8-10 hours plan,suffer to the jetlag,inadequacy food,it aways make a lot trouble for you.

Now,we are here.We know how to push the facory face to face,and help you check the quality.(Wheter the quality is match to the production samples?)
When you bengining the business with a new factory,we will go there,check the licence,take the picture of the workshop,whether the factory employed the child labour,etc.

The delivery time is also very important to the customers.But because of production limit,factory always delay the delivery.Then,we can go to the factory,push them day by day,even live there.
It will give them more pressure,update progress to you,is our job.

If you are interested,send your inquiry including the factory's name,address,picture of the products,quality request,etc to

2.Sourcing Service
Price and quality are the first priority considering in our company.Due to more than 10 years business experience in China,we know a lot of factories with very good communication.

Pls send your detailed inquiry including quantity,product picture,detailed specifications for our futher noted.